The Trouble with Valuing Wine

This week the financial press and wine trade has been abuzz with news that one of the largest wine funds in existence, the Noble Cru fund, is potentially over-valued. The long and short of it is that the valuation method used by the … [Continue reading]

Wine Investment in the Tabloids.

The Sun this week published an article (that can be read online here) about investing in wine, and whilst the entire wine trade should laud their efforts for bringing this excellent alternative investment vehicle to their wide readership, we felt … [Continue reading]

3 Factors That Make a Wine Investment Worthy

Photograph of dusty old wine bottles in a wooden case

Over the past two years there's been a distinct broadening in the wine investment market, both in terms of nationality of the investors and of the wines in which they invest. In this week's post we thought we'd take a look at  the key factors that … [Continue reading]

How to Avoid Wine Investment Scams

Chateau Lafite 2008

With another story in the news of yet another fraudulent wine investment company disappearing without a trace, leaving customers high and dry, we thought it would be good to highlight the less savoury side of Wine Investment and provide some helpful … [Continue reading]

Is Wine a Good Investment? – Final Thoughts

Prices of some Bordeaux 2009 wines rose dramatically after being given 100 point scores by critic Robert Parker.

In our series "Is Wine a Good Investment" we've looked at what specifically wine investment is, a recent history, the factors affecting the market, En Primeur and also where the wine market looks to be going; all with a view to answering that … [Continue reading]