Welcome to Vinetrade

Welcome to Vinetrade!

This is a short blog post to introduce you to our new service, provide you with some background and give you a guide to our current roadmap.

As I write this, the fine wine market suffers from an aversion to the use of technology. Many merchants do not list their stock online (and when they do it is in a PDF or Excel spreadsheet) and the process of buying and selling wine can take many weeks. On top of this, individuals must arrange their own storage, needlessly transport wine around the country (or continent) and deal with a pile of paper invoices. At a time when wine is a popular alternative investment we are aiming to lower the barrier to entry.

Our website currently has the following features:

  • Browse Wine Listings – find a wine (our selection is currently limited but will be expanding rapidly), submit a buying enquiry.
  • Price Data – view the price history for specific wines – see how it has performed in the past 30 days.
  • Watchlists – add a wine to your “Watchlist” if you want to track it’s performance. We’ll update you on the performance of wines you watch every week.
  • List your wine for sale – if you own fine wine you can list for sale on our website. You set the price – we find a buyer.

We have a number of other features in the pipeline, including:

  • iPhone app – track wines that you have on your Watchlist and view wines in your portfolio (with a photograph of the individual bottles) – all on your iPhone.
  • Price comparison tools – compare the prices of wines, find the best value wines and view detailed price data.
  • APIs – use our data for your own services. Extra tools for wine merchants.

Many of these features are currently only available to those with a Vinetrade account. As we’re currently developing our services accounts are available on an invite only basis. If you’re interested in giving our service a test you can request an invite.

If you’re interested in working with us drop us an email. You can also follow @vinetrade on Twitter.